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What is Executive Branding?

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Executive branding is the process of creating and building the human centric personal and professional brand of CEOs, c-suite executives and entrepreneurs in the context of business growth. Like personal branding, executive branding is focused on the individual. However, personal branding’s primary objective is to find a job or accelerate one’s career trajectory. Conversely, executive branding’s desired outcome is increasing business value through the presence of the executive.

With executive branding, business leaders provide the “human-connection” for the company building trust and “likeability” in the eyes of customers, prospects and employees.

A great example is Gary Vaynerchuk or take a look at Glenn Stearns, founder of Stearns lending and star of undercover billionaire. As explained in our blog, “5 Ways a discovery plus series made boomer billionaire relevant to millennials” in an industry not known for its customer experience or employee satisfaction, Glenn Stearns stands out and continues to prosper.

Executive branding will:

  • Attract, retain and energize employees

  • Entice and facilitate new business development

  • Create competitive differentiation

  • Deliver a strong competitive advantage

  • Build brand affinity within the market

These business drivers are not necessarily new concepts.

What is new however, is how digital marketing and social media is disrupting traditional and outdated approaches.

The Traditional Approach to Executive Branding

People work and conduct business with people they like and trust. It’s been this way since the dawn of commerce. Executives at successful businesses work diligently and consistently to create meaningful relationships.