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5 ways a Discovery Plus series made boomer billionaire relevant to millennials

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

As a millennial, we have been told that we can do anything we put our mind to, but our parents came from the finish your education to get a secure job generation. We’ve never been told how to catch our dreams, we’ve only been told to chase them.

Undercover billionaire isn’t just another piece of entertainment lost in the noise of all other shows for me, personally. It is like taking a crash course on how successful business owners think and how to execute ideas, showing step-by-step how to achieve a dream and what it actually takes to not only achieve that dream but maintain it and scale it.

Why does this matter right now? Clearly, the world had to completely pivot in all of 2020. People have lost their jobs, their motivation, and their hope. If your business was not essential, it most likely went under. Discovery plus deserves a one-handed clap for creating a platform that is doing things differently than any other platforms.