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12 Essential Strategies On How To Build A Strong Executive Brand In 2021

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Brand messages shared by executives on social media get 561% more reach than those shared by the brand’s social media channels.

An executive brand boosts the value that enhances trust between the company and potential buyers. Mostly buyers engage with a sales rep before making a purchase.

According to Valerie Di Maria, principal of PR and communications agency the 10 company, "an executive brand defines who you are, what you contribute and what you want to accomplish. In this information-overloaded world, an executive brand helps you cut through the clutter and make a memorable impression."

The Importance of building an Executive Brand Strategy

Previously, companies were the all in all brands but today time has transformed executives into brands. Today a customer does not only associates with the company’s brand rather the personals who represent the company. This evolution in consumer behavior gives a chance to the executives to portray their bigger picture in front of the public. Ultimately, it gives an added value to the executives and organization's brands.

Your brand should have authenticity, distinction and credibility. A strong executive brand will make you stand out from the crowd and help people reach out to you easily.


The executive brand has become a famous concept because as an individual, your unique experience, perspectives, and strengths can translate into the basis of thought leadership. Whether you’re sharing your perspective on the industry, talking about choices you’ve made, or advising other companies on how to think about their challenges, you’re presenting yourself and your company.

1. Appearance

According to Harvard’s medical study, an individual can size up other's confidence, credibility and friendliness by his/her appearance within 250 milliseconds.

So grooming and polishing yourself is important. Whatever looks you have, don’t worry about them and just focus on grooming and polishing yourself.

2. Communication

Eye contact with coworkers, superiors and the general audience creates a transformative effect. According to Hewlett, “It is the foundation of one's ability to connect and inspire.”

Always lead from the front, keep on updating yourself, act proactively and gather maximum insights into your field.

3. Act

Act as a brand if you want to build your brand. Following are few necessary things to build an executive brand:

  • Vision

  • Reputation

  • Decisiveness

  • Integrity

  • Emotional intelligence

4. Personal website or blog

Executives often ignore the importance of their personal website:

An online presence will let you become easily accessible and get recognized. A personal website is ideal to build an executive brand. You should be cautious in uploading and showcasing strong and genuine content.

A website should contain:

  • Personal Bio

  • Degrees

  • Certifications

  • Key projects

  • Associations

  • Awards

  • Publications

  • Presentations

  • Affiliations

  • Speaking Videos

5. Command on your topic

If you want to build your executive brand you should have rich knowledge of your topic. Don’t step into the area in which you are less interested rather stick to that in which you are expert, interested and curious.

6. Build an eBook

Your brand communicates your distinction and the value you offer to your customers. It also acts as a promoting tool for your business. So writing an eBook will allow you to share your experiences, insights and unique perspectives. It might be a great asset for your business as well. EBooks are always easy to digest and reach maximum people. With about 10 pages, you can boost your brand and create more value for yourself.

7. Building your story

Your brand voice is slightly different from the company’s voice. Add your narrative to the content while tweeting, blogging, sharing and posting. Let your personality shine through while presenting core company values, brand personality and your philosophy of doing business.

You should go out of the box and think unorthodoxly to engage the audience and convey your story.

8. Listen to the customers

Listening to what your customers are speaking is vital to building your executive brand. By doing so you will be able to serve your target audience better than your competitors do. Try google alerts and social media platforms to listen to the voice of existing and potential customers.

Moreover, use 360-degree feedback to get the opinion of your bosses and colleagues to assess your performance.

9. Share Value

The best way to build your executive brand is by offering value and sharing information. This will make you credible and caring in the minds of your customers. Share the information that your customers and prospects need even if it is not directly related to your product or service. By sharing information outside of your company’s offerings will enhance your executive brand value. Moreover linking your brand value to the corporate’s vision will also boost your executive brand

10. Positioning yourself

If you are keen to build your executive brand then create content that will help you position yourself effectively. For this purpose build your executive brand positioning statement that might relate your area of expertise and your key attributes.

Here is an example of a brand statement of Denise Morison, CEO of Campbell Soup Company.

“To serve as a leader, live a balanced life, and apply ethical principles to make a significant difference.”

11. Promotion

The most effective and popular way to promote your executive brand is by communicating and engaging on social media. Executives must keep their contact with their audience consistently.

It’s easy to get known when you are consistently circulating your message.

When you reach out to your customers regularly and consistently, it builds your positive goodwill. This is how people start recognizing an executive brand.

12. The Bottom Line

Always offer respect and inject confidence in others. Give credit, show humility, greet with a smiling face and empower others.

Don’t worry about the time it takes to build a strong and effective brand. Just stick to the strategies and you will notice a change.

Cheers to building your Executive Brand!


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