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12 Essential Strategies On How To Build A Strong Executive Brand In 2021

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Brand messages shared by executives on social media get 561% more reach than those shared by the brand’s social media channels.

An executive brand boosts the value that enhances trust between the company and potential buyers. Mostly buyers engage with a sales rep before making a purchase.

According to Valerie Di Maria, principal of PR and communications agency the 10 company, "an executive brand defines who you are, what you contribute and what you want to accomplish. In this information-overloaded world, an executive brand helps you cut through the clutter and make a memorable impression."

The Importance of building an Executive Brand Strategy

Previously, companies were the all in all brands but today time has transformed executives into brands. Today a customer does not only associates with the company’s brand rather the personals who represent the company. This evolution in consumer behavior gives a chance to the executives to portray their bigger picture in front of the public. Ultimately, it gives an added value to the executives and organization's brands.

Your brand should have authenticity, distinction and credibility. A strong executive brand will make you stand out from the crowd and help people reach out to you easily.


The executive brand has become a famous concept because as an individual, your unique experience, perspectives, and strengths can translate into the basis of thought leadership. Whether you’re sharing your perspective on the industry, talking about choices you’ve made, or advising other companies on how to think about their challenges, you’re presenting yourself and your company.

1. Appearance

According to Harvard’s medical study, an individual can size up other's confidence, credibility and friendliness by his/her appearance within 250 milliseconds.

So grooming and polishing yourself is important. Whatever looks you have, don’t worry about them and just focus on grooming and polishing yourself.