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How Are You Applying Your Vision?

Every thought leader and author has a vision for success; in fact, every successful business has a vision.

Oftentimes, energy and effort is spent debating, crafting and fine tuning the vision to ensure it is perfect. It’s integrated into the marketing and communication programs of the organization as well as the training and development of the employees. And then…? Well, typically it’s back to business — writing, speaking, finance, operations, sales, marketing, vendor management, technology, product development, customer service, etc.

What isn’t done effectively is applying the vision for success, which by definition is big picture and high level to day-to-day situations which are more specific and tactical in nature.

Thought leaders and authors that can apply their well crafted vision to their day-to-day activities have a tremendous advantage.

Integrating and applying a vision and using it as a guide helps them prioritize more effectively and keep their strategy, vision and objectives aligned.

A vision doesn’t serve you well, regardless of how brilliant or bold it may be, if you can’t use it as a lens or a filter to help you decide if doing A is a better option than doing B. It’s often as simple as asking yourself when faced with options and choices (which is what we are all faced with every moment of every day) which is a better choice relative to your vision.

A vision is a well articulated representation of where you want to go and what you will and won’t do to get there. Every day you’re either getting closer or further from achieving that vision. It happens as a result of making sure that what you are doing on an hourly or daily basis is helping you get to where you and your team want to go. Use your vision as a tool to help you ensure that you are on that path. It may not be why you crafted your vision but it is actually a great way to bring it to life as a viable tool on a daily basis.

Grow Beyond.

-John Mediana


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