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Las Vegas

Creating Impact with Executive Brand Growth

Las Vegas is an internationally renowned major resort city, known primarily for its gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and nightlife.

John Mediana, Co-Founder & CEO of EBG, was the creative mastermind behind the organic growth of Vegas from 2018-2020. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 3.53.46 PM.png

John took a disruptive approach in a time where traditional marketing was the majority rule. Building an organic strategy for the city took Vegas to new heights. When John first began his work, Vegas had a following of 187k on instagram. By building organic growth, the account has now reached over 900k followers and has seen massive engagement on every post. 


One of the content campaigns John built was all around showcasing the latest things you can do in Vegas. The concept was to create a 60 second show that highlighted all the latest must-do experiences Vegas had to offer. 

These videos were designed to live on instagram in a vertical format and was also posted on youtube for searchability that drove new traffic to Las Vegas' website. 

LATEST IN VEGAS: Mayfair Supper Club

Mayfair Supper club was a Latest in Vegas segment that featured the new food & entertainment nightlife. John would spend intentional pre-production time highlighting various experiences. He would have pre-production calls with every venue then batch captured multiple opportunities to make use of his time during production. Although he was filming for Latest in Vegas, John would often batch content for many different segments.

LATEST IN VEGAS: Fergusons Downtown

The other opportunity was featuring other communities that travelers wouldn't normally know about that was happening outside of the Las Vegas Strip. This was a chance to show visitors that there were other things to do that brought more attraction to the city than just the Strip. 

This showed a different side of what Vegas was known for and was a very strategic play that brought new travelers to the city and drew out the local crowd. 

What happens in Vegas, ONLY happens in Vegas

Rebranded the city of Vegas during a Pandemic

Vegas Launch.gif

John turned the whole entire city of Las Vegas his favorite color, neon purple, which is his signature when working on projects, as you can see his adoption of the color in EBG's branding. 

Building a successful rebrand takes time, strategy, a lot of funding and intentional execution. Especially a city that had a very strong brand already. 

He led a team of creatives to build an execute the campaign in the beginning of a pandemic and it was a huge success. 


At the end of the day, Las Vegas is the most world-renown city that people travel to. Did they need us to help with branding & marketing? Probably not, but I would argue that Vegas wouldn't have been as relevant, vibrant and thriving as it is today without our creative process and execution. 

At Executive Brand Growth, we took everything we learned from building and launching one of the largest award-winning campaigns in the world and have embedded it into our unique process.

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