John Mediana

Founder & CEO



I am John Mediana, Founder & CEO of Executive Brand Growth. I’ve built this company on the back bone of 19 years of visual storytelling & strategic content marketing. We make an explosive amount of intelligent content for busy, impact-driven industry leaders that connect their brand to people in the most authentic & organic way possible.


DJ Acevedo

Co-Founder & Chief Brand Strategist


In order to do something different, you gotta be a little different...I'm a little different.


Here's WHY: I've lived with my feet in multiple worlds my entire life. Grew up on a farm, had a passion for creating and a love discovering "why". Everybody has a "why" and I love helping people discover theirs.


Here's HOW: I've been a photographer, videographer, and writer for 12 years. For the past 7 years, I've committed to becoming a licensed therapist. Being bilingual in creative and human behavior processes - I'm able to use my skills and knowledge to take your content and brand, to places it's never dreamed of, or been too afraid to go before.

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Giulianna McKenney

Client Success Manager

I’m in the people business. I believe success in our lives is measured by the positive impact we

make in those around us. If you are not leaving an imprint with the people you come into contact with, then what is it for? I am here to help and guide you to accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself, your team, your brand and ultimately your business. With over 10 years experience in customer service, creative veins and a servant’s heart, I am so excited to connect and put vision into action!


Sydney Girardot

Partnership Leader

Inspiring and encouraging others to live and create their dream lives!


I believe that life is truly what you make it and there are many obstacles on the road to success that are often only overcome by the help and guidance of others who have done it before us.

As a recent College Graduate with a B.A in Business Administration with a focus in Media Marketing and over five years Management experience there is nothing I love more than helping and leading others on their journey to becoming the best version of themselves. Whether that be in business, their online persona or life in general, I will be there to listen to your problems, wants and needs to recommend the best options for you and your future success. It is my job to help guide you in the right direction, but it is YOU who truly makes the magic happen. 


Gabrielle Delos Santos

Senior Producer

What’s gonna work? Teamwork! Doing our best work involves doing it together. I’m glad to be part of a team where each person can flex their creativity while helping clients build a strong brand.


The path I’m on has blessed me with creative opportunities that inspire me to be better every day, and to bring out the best in people.


Starlette Alia Cua

Engagement & Strategy Manager

"There are three things you should always be putting into your work — Soul, creativity, love.”


Extremely lucky & grateful to grow & be part of a team full of creatives that continue to inspire each other everyday, and for mentors who’ve taught me to have faith in myself & my abilities. 


Michael Labintas

Senior Editor

"Bringing Media To Life, Bringing Life Through Media"
Seeing how the very first animation came to life, it sparked in me the curiosity of a creator and a desire to inspire others by bringing ideas to LIFE.

Having boundless curiosity to creativity, I've spent years behind the camera, drafts and sketchbooks, animation desk and long nights under the wings of great mentors.

Always, I set out to create life and be a catalyst through work and word. To live life, to love living and to live loving.


Ace Willis

Video Editor

From a Banker to a Content Creator. I dropped my dream job in order to pursue my passion.


Entering the event industry and working behind the camera brings out the creativity in me. And seeing the reactions of your audience to your work of art inspires you more to create another one. 


Moving forward, I want to explore/discover more and connect to what this world will offer me physically or digitally.


Daniel Edwin Delgado

Video Editor

A simple man with a camera, eager to turn the world into a work of art.


Tiara Angelia Nicolas

Video Editor

Hey! It’s  your friendly neighborhood introvert.


Each day, I strive to do everything in love—as I believe that you create your best work when you put your heart to it. This principle has guided me all my life, and now I strive to use all that passion and love to make a positive impact to the world through my craft.


Wendy Jamero


"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing"—Benjamin Franklin.


With EBG, I started to see life from a much brighter perspective. I'm not just a speck of dust in the universe. Every content I create is an attempt to make a positive impact. I'm so glad to be doing it with this super awesome team!

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