John Mediana

Founder & CEO


Like a roaring fire in my belly, I had enough.


That’s what it felt like when I left my cushy high level agency salary during a pandemic to aggressively pursue my god-given mission of being the greatest content strategy partner for CEOs, Executives, and Entrepreneurs like yourself. 


I am John Mediana, Founder & CEO of Executive Brand Growth. I’ve built this company on the back bone of 15 years of visual storytelling & strategic content marketing. We make an explosive amount of content for busy, impact-driven industry leaders that connect their brand to people in the most authentic & organic way possible.


DJ Acevedo

Chief Brand Strategist


In order to do something different, you gotta be a little different...I'm a little different.


Here's WHY: I've lived with my feet in multiple worlds my entire life. Grew up on a farm, had a passion for creating and a love discovering "why". Everybody has a "why" and I love helping people discover theirs.


Here's HOW: I've been a photographer, videographer, and writer for 12 years. For the past 7 years, I've committed to becoming a licensed therapist. Being bilingual in creative and therapeutic processes - I'm able to use my skills and knowledge to take your content, and brand, to places it's never dreamed of, or been too afraid to go before.


Jarreau Bowen

Just Call Me Operations

Sitting at the intersection of technology, education, public health, and culture, Jarreau plays frogger. Here he collects stories to empower and protect others from splooshing as they navigate this intricately nuanced environment. 


He believes that in life, we are all designers. Whether you design for the world, a community, a program, or just for yourself, we are all influential in the design that creates beauty in the world. He is an educator, a designer, a programmer, and a storyteller.


With a background in higher education, he educates and empowers people to live their best versions of themselves; Working in tech and creative design he manages amazing, clean, and delightful user and client experiences; With a passion for interpersonal relations and decision making, he programs people, and lives to tell the tale in order to inspire others to keep designing. 


Lauren Fleming 

Account Manager

With a background in communications, I hear everything that you are saying and listen for everything that you aren’t.


I want to take your goals, break them down into steps, and make sure that they are executed flawlessly, checking in on you every step of the way. I want to make sure that my team and I continually surprise and delight you with our approach and deliverables, which I am more than confident that we will.


Outside of account management, I thrive containing and channeling the big creative energy we have at EBG. If I’m not color coding a spreadsheet, I’m probably automating some emails or organizing a Google Drive folder. I’d organize your entire life if you’d just ask.

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