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Creating Impact with Executive Brand Growth

Jim Morris’ journey is a testimony to the power of dreams and their ability to inspire and transform human life. Eleven years after retiring from baseball, he unexpectedly learned a life-changing lesson from his high school team. While giving a pep talk about the importance of dreams and hard work.

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Our building blocks for Jim "The Rookie" Morris' book launch and overall rebrand was very strategic due to the timing, which we had to build a robust campaign in less than 3 months. 

Our team identified 6 major building blocks that needed to be executed to have a successful return of investment for our client. 

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Brand Strategy

Before we were able to execute a full rebrand and deploy a campaign that would return big for Mr. Morris, we spent 3 weeks build a roadmap for his book launch with the desired outcomes of generating more speaking engagements.

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On-Site Production

We captured a flood of intentional content to create multiple campaigns for the launch of Jim's brand.

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Personal Branded Website

It is very crucial for us, before any campaign was launched online, to have a website that would be able to capture and attract new leads, generate more sales and speaking opportunities through website forms.

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Multi-Platform Video

Jim "The Rookie" Morris' audience consumes content in many different ways.


The highest performing pieces of content is creating dynamic formats that attracts viewers on the platforms they consume content.

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An author and keynote speaker like

Mr. Morris spends most of his time focusing on his craft. We were able to create incredible margin for him to not worry about how people could find and share his story. 

Social media can be a powerful tool, we make it simple to understand, easy to navigate and fun to engage.

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During this whole journey of rebranding and launching Jim's book campaign,we discovered that there was more development in his health. 

Our team was quickly able to capture and tell this miraculous story. 


In our efforts to take on the behemoth task of rebranding a MLB sports legend, build and launch a functioning website that can capture leads and sell books, build a solid social media presence that attracts new audiences, and successfully get Jim "The Rookie" Morris' new book to the top of amazon was no simple feet. Because we worked collaboratively and had an amazing game plan put in place, we were able to over deliver and crush every benchmark along the way. Doubled his business during a pandemic, and got Jim on more stages, podcasts and virtual engagements than ever before. 

If you are looking for a dedicated organic marketing partner, we believe we are the agency for you. Schedule a time below with one of our partnership leaders and let's get started today.

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