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What is Google Ranking Authority?

Authority is one of the most important factors in getting your website to appear at the top of Google search results. Google strives to offer the best answers to its users’ queries, so it’s essential that they choose trustworthy and authoritative sites to appear at the top of search results. But how does Google determine ranking authority?

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We’re often asked this question, and many marketers want simple answers, like the number of backlinks, the quality of their information, or the number of shares any one page has on social media.

Unfortunately, it isn’t that straightforward, and there are many factors that play into how Google determines your site’s authority. But on this page, we’ll take a look into the criteria they use and offer some tips on how you can make your website more authoritative.

First, Why should ranking on google matter to you?

Your site’s authority in Google’s eyes affects how well you’re able to rank in search engine results. They want to provide reliable information and results to their users, meaning that the more authoritative you are, the more customers you can earn from organic search. 

If Google doesn’t think your website is authoritative, you’ll rarely make it to the top of Search Engine's for any of your target keywords. This will make it difficult to attract potential customers to your site.

As a result, your site’s authority has a direct impact on your ability to reach customers online. This means that improving your reputation and building trust with search engines should be major factors in your Content Marketing Strategy.

So, how do you get authority?

Simple put, a ton of authoritative organic searches. How we build your google ranking authority at Executive Brand Growth is through Strategic Content Marketing. One of our methods to building our clients google authority fast is by getting them on authoritative podcast shows. For a few reasons:

1. Validation. Being on a hit podcast show validates you as a leader in your industry.

2. Built in audience and reach. When we put our clients on a widely popular show, we are actually putting them on a stage to share their message and their brand to a huge built-in audience who is ready and waiting to hear about them

3. Literally hundreds of authoritative micro-content can be produced by one single appearance on a syndicated podcast show. Our team at Executive Brand Growth is now able to create hundreds of pieces of ranking content and spread them all over the internet creating a web of data for google to put together as it builds our clients online authority.

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