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Full-Stack Developer Open Position

Part-time (Up to 20 hrs/week) and remote opportunity at fast-growing, digital marketing and personal branding agency for CEOs and C-Suite executives. We are heavily invested in the Web3 industry.


We are looking for a remote part-time, Full-Stack Developer who is ready to jump into our team, use our processes, execute well, and then make them better. You have high standards for yourself and others, you are proactive, you show initiative, you celebrate your successes, and learn from your failures.


The kind of person we’re looking for:

A talented, experienced software engineer with a handle on good software design, a knack for solving difficult problems in complex multi-component systems, and an interest in learning new things. Must be happy in a highly team-oriented environment where collaboration between developers and across teams is common; where giving and receiving feedback, debate, and constructive criticism are actively encouraged. We do not micro manage.

Our company has an open, relaxed, and friendly environment where jokes and silliness are common, yet we’re serious about the work we do. We fully expect the same from you. Our organizational structure is pretty flat so you’ll be given a fair amount of latitude with, and responsibility for, your own time.

The kind of stuff you’ll be doing:

  • Helping to develop and scale a world-class, high-volume online platform for personal brands, Web3 Projects, and beyond

  • Designing and developing new features

  • Extending, creating, and documenting APIs

  • Integrating with leading delivery and marketplace partners in the brand & tech ecosystem

  • Working directly with the Product team to turn ideas into software or web page integrations

  • Extending and improving existing system services and software components

  • Identifying and resolving complex issues, such as multi-component integration issues and performance bottlenecks

The kind of experience you’ll need:

  • Experience with web application development, including back-end / server-side and front-end / client-side development

  • Experience with Python, Unity, Unreal engine and other Web3 frameworks

  • Understanding of fundamental web technologies: HTTP, REST, JSON, XML

  • Experience with functional and unit testing

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

The extra stuff that would be nice:

  • Working knowledge of PHP

  • Knowledge of C# / .NET

  • Experience with Nuxt or other Vue.js frameworks

  • Experience with scalable web application architecture, including background processing and queues

  • Experience with AWS

  • Experience with MongoDB or other document databases

  • Understanding of database performance, including indexing and query execution plans

  • Reasonable skill with spreadsheets and diagrams


About Executive Brand Growth

EBG is an agency that specializes in content marketing for busy CEOs and C-suite executives. We provide a variety of services to help you build your brand, increase visibility and drive leads with strategic messaging using our Brand Growth Method™. Whether you're just starting out or looking to refresh your strategy, we offer the expertise and experience needed to help grow your personal brand and your business!

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