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Creating Impact with Executive Brand Growth


Client: Billy Hinzo + Kingdom Nutrition

Problem: Starting from zero

Solution: Complete branding, Marketing, Multi-platform Content creation and Distribution

Daniel started a mortgage business and had massive financial success. Searching for his purpose, he then became a Coach, where he trained Realtors on lead gen and sales. AND yet even after he had achieved all his goals and had all of the money he wanted (he had the house, the cars, the toys, the family life) he was still unfulfilled. He felt empty.


This is when God stepped in...he told Daniel that his purpose was much bigger than what he was doing and that if he had the courage to listen to his direct guidance, he would be massively emotionally fulfilled and finally be living his true calling.

Now he lives a life of true fulfillment, a life most men could only dream of, not only having the money, the body and health, the love of his life, but also waking up every day talking with God and living his true purpose making a massive impact on the World.


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Built a brand from ZERO

Billy partnered with us to build his brand from the ground up. We gave Billy our CEO Maker package which entailed: Full brand strategy and branding package, content engine, launched all social media platforms, fully optimized, content distribution and a full production day of content creation. 

Multi-Platform Content Creation & Distribution

Our multi-platform approach launched and amplified Daniel's brand. Pulling pre-recorded content and creating micro-content that was distributed everywhere online was a huge impact-driver for Daniel's market value and leadership in his industry. 

Our team not only produced digestible online content but we also distributed the content across all platforms so Daniel wouldn't have to log into social media again if he so wishes.

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At the end of the day, our clients desired outcomes were beyond met and couldn't be more excited to have our award-winning agency grow his brand to new heights. We understood the mission and completed every task with excellence. We brought new creativity and perspective to our client that gave him everything he needed to scale his brand online and generate more sales than ever.

Book a call down below and see what we can do for you.

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